About Binqutab Group

Bin Qutab Group (Established in 1989) is a privately held group of companies with rich cultural, ethical & long lasting back ground.

Bin Qutab Group was formed with a corporate mission of becoming the most reliable and innovative group in Pakistan and around the world in its scope of business.

We have chosen our employees meticulously and have assembled a team of professionals with an average Industry experience of 7 years. Our team is extremely dedicated (Since 1989 our staff retention rate is 99.05 percent) and combining with our extensive network of contacts in Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, USA and many other countries in Europe, Africa and Far East at large. we have quickly become the best choice for our respectable customers.

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Bin Qutab Foundation

Binqutab Foundation | Bin Qutab Group

Bin Qutab Foundation

Bin Qutab Foundation (BQF) has been established in June 2007 by the Pakistani philanthropists to address social development issues in Pakistani rural and urban communities. BQF is a result of thorough deliberation by a group of Pakistani philanthropists who have extensive experience of dealing with social problems across the world especially in Africa and South Asia. The key idea behind the establishment of BQF is to utilize the lessons of social development experiences from across the globe for the socio-economic well being of Pakistani people. BQF will not only test social development lessons from other countries in Pakistan but will also help similar initiatives in other countries. Although BQF is purely a Pakistani initiative, it will not limit itself to the development of Pakistan.

Muhammad Bashir Malik
Chairman & Founder

Muhammad Qadeer Malik
CEO / Co-Founder


Restoring hopes of unprivileged communities, which comprises 70% of Rural and Urban population of Pakistan by providing them with quality services in Health, Water and Sanitation, Education, Skills Development, Jobs/SME Business Support Programme and Environment Protection initiatives, to improve their living standards.

Research Base

BQF has noted that many development initiatives across the globe have produced wonderful insights in the human development. However, only few development initiatives test these lessons in the field. Knowledge on human development cannot advance if the efficacy and appropriateness of development prescriptions is not tested in the community development. BQF will test and improve lessons learned in the development projects in Pakistan and elsewhere by employing them into all its activities.

Human Well Being Knowledge Generation

The main feature of BQF strategy is to develop a human well being research center in Pakistan. Besides testing lessons of other development initiatives in the field, BQF will also undertake its own research projects to generate useable knowledge on human well being. In the long run, BQF will produce usable knowledge for public and private organizations both in Pakistan and outside Pakistan.


The magnitude of social problems in Pakistan is tremendous. It is not feasible for a single organization to address all issues. BQF is establishing networking with a number of national and international organizations to advance development in Pakistan. BQF will pool resources – human, technical and financial – from its partners and will also support them in their activities. Networking will help BQF in all its research related activities. Networking will also help BQF in disseminating the results of its activities with a wide variety of social groups across the globe.

Community Participation

The core feature of BQF strategy is community participation in all areas and at all levels of its development activities and decision making. BQF has already started community consultation program. In Chakwal, community volunteers have started working with BQF in collection and establishment of community development databases.

Women Empowerment

BQF will strive for women empowerment by encouraging women to take part in all of its activities. Participation of women will be critical in the educational activities. BQF plans to empower women of all age groups through educational and advocacy activities.


BQF will disseminate its activities, research results, best practices, achievements and other knowledge products to all of its stakeholders regularly. BQF will actively utilize electronic and print media to educate citizens and seek their feedback. BQF will stimulate debates on critical development issues in Pakistan.

First Pilot Project 50 Beds Begum Noor Memorial Hospital
(Bhubhar Kal, UC Mulhal Mughlan) Chakwal – Pakistan.

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